Everyone has had rough days, some more rough than others. Now imagine that rough day being broadcast all across the nation for thousands and thousands of people to see.

That was the reality for some poor person who got blasted on social media for the way they parked up in Maine. Matthew Mills of Biddleford, Maine posted a photo of a car right outside of a Walmart and in the photo, a compact car is taking up two spots. It is something that is seen every day and is often just scoffed at.

While Mills isn’t the person who put the carts around the vehicle (or the driver), he is the person that shared the photo itself. His caption on the photo was “got a lesson in parking.” Brutal.

Someone who commented on the photo and claimed to know the person that was driving the vehicle stated that she, “came into work and slid into her spot because of an icy spot and couldn’t park straight and then someone rudely put carts around her car.”

It’s not the worst excuse in the world, and it’s also worth mentioning that the melting snow around the car could have made the lines in the parking lot not visible.

It isn’t time to admonish this person for a bad parking job. It’s time to support them and tell them we’ve all been there before. As far as pet peeves go, this is a minor one.


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