A nine-dart finish sounds easy but it’s one of the toughest and rarest achievements in sports. The amount of concentration needed to toss nine darts inside a skinny section of the dartboard is tougher than you would think and before today, only 54 televised nine-dart finishes have taken place.

In Week 4 of the 2020 Premier League Darts, fifth-ranked darts player Michael Smith threw the first nine-dart finish of his career, the 55th ever televised nine-dart finish. Smith hit 180 (three triple 20’s), 180 (three triple 20’s), and then 141 (triple 20, triple 19, and double 12) to achieve the first nine-dart finish in the Premier League since 2017.

The fans in Dublin went mental. Usually, witnessing a darts tournament is wild enough but to witness a nine-dart finish, these fans saw something they’ll never forget. Smith defeated Daryl Gurney seven sets to five and puts himself in a four-way tie for third place.

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