BEIJING, CHINA – MAY 24: Former Heavy Weight Champion Boxer Mike Tyson attends the Great Wall Weigh-in of IBF World Boxing Championship Bout at Mutianyu on May 24, 2016 in Beijing, China. (Photo by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images)

Who knew that Iron Mike Tyson may have had a green thumb? The former heavyweight champion has broken ground on a 40-acre plot of ground that will host Tyson’s new cannabis resort, with some of the land to be used to grow marijuana. That really is a green thumb.

Located 110 miles north of Los Angeles, Tyson’s new cannabis resort will serve multiple purposes in California. According to a report from The Blast, half of the land will be used for cultivation facilities designed to “allow master growers to have maximum control of their environment.” The resort will also host a school designed to educate growers on the best techniques for cultivating their own strains of cannabis.

And that is just the beginning. Tyson’s resort will also have a supply store, extraction facility, edible factory, premium “glamping” campgrounds and cabins, and an amphitheater (why not?).

As for the product, Tyson’s farm will be growing, the focus will be on “high-quality strains of THC,” which is said to have the most medical benefits. Tyson’s resort comes with the praise of California City Mayor Jennifer Wood, who says the resort will lead to new job opportunities and will continue to benefit the continued research and availability of medicinal marijuana. It has also been reported that the majority of the employees for the company running the resort, Tyson Holistic, are veterans.

It is unknown exactly when this resort will officially open, but it is clear Tyson is getting into a business he is strongly connected to at a good time. More and more states are beginning to legalize the use of marijuana and the benefits of medicinal marijuana continue to be more well-researched and documented. Tyson has also been a long-time advocate for medicinal marijuana, as a number of NBA and NFL players have over the years.

It took Tyson some time to change his attitude regarding marijuana. Now that he has been opening up more on various subjects thanks to his autobiography and his one-man show, Tyson has revealed he was reluctant to join others in smoking marijuana because he didn’t want people to know he smoked for years. Tyson instead moved to other drugs like cocaine and morphine, and his fondness of morphine is what he blames some of his earlier transgressions on. Tyson has said one of the biggest regrets in his life is not smoking marijuana with Tupac Shakur, as previously reported by CBS News;

“He always wanted me to smoke weed (marijuana) with him, and I never did it, and I wish I did,” Tyson said in a recent phone interview.

Tyson said he declined because he was a closet smoker and didn’t want it to get out that he smoked the drug. Now, when he looks back on the lost opportunity, he says: “That’s my biggest regret.”

In light of Tyson’s latest revelations about marijuana and the benefits of medicinal marijuana, Tyson has inspired the namesake of a strain of marijuana. No word on whether or not that Mike Tyson strain will be available in the Tyson Cannabis Resort store or not.

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