Like many in the United States, I don’t know how to play snooker. I know it’s played on a billiards table, most of the balls are red, and you get some amount of points for sinking each ball.

One thing I noticed after watching this upcoming clip is that like in pool, concentration is absolutely necessary and when a player is lining up their shot, the crowd is silent. So when Stuart Bingham and Ali Carter faced off in the 2020 Masters final, one of the biggest snooker tournaments in the world, they were at one point interrupted by someone or something “farting” in the audience.

I haven’t watched much snooker but I’m going to guess this doesn’t happen often. The snooker broadcaster at the BBC didn’t appreciate the humor and acted properly offended that a whoopie cushion was ruining the game. In fairness, the competitors didn’t seem thrilled either and I kinda don’t blame them given it might disrupt their concentration.

Bingham wound up defeating Carter by a score of 10-8. According to The Independent, “A YouTube prank site has claimed responsibility for placing the “fart box” in Alexandra Palace earlier this week.” Are we sure this wasn’t from the World Darts Championship a few weeks ago? Same building, way different atmosphere.

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