Scott Sterling is back. Created by the comedy group Studio C in November 2014, the character starred in a video satirizing concussions in soccer.

In their video “Top Soccer Shootout Ever with Scott Sterling,” the group followed Sterling (played by Matt Meese), a soccer keeper who kept getting hit in the head with free kicks and getting thrown back into the net despite barely holding his consciousness due to multiple concussions. The sketch, while comedic, perfectly satirizes how athletes are asked to play through blatant head injuries.

On Monday, the group released a sequel titled “Best Volleyball Blocks Ever with Scott Sterling,” and I think you can guess what happens. The video shows Sterling, now a volleyball Libero, taking multiple spikes and deflections off his head, keeping the play alive and scoring points while barely conscious. Like the soccer video, Sterling wins the match despite blacking out due to hits in the head.

The announcer commentary is top-notch.

“The angle in which Sterling deflects the ball off his skull is nothing short of perfection.” 

“Like watching DaVinci paint with his face.” 

The new Sterling chapter has already eclipsed nearly four million views on YouTube as of Wednesday evening and the concussion commentary remains as fresh as ever. Athletes are often asked to play through head injuries, and Studio C has found a perfect way to satirize how ridiculous asking a player to do so is.

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