The dolphins at SeaWorld are supposed to be a spectacle for the paying customers to watch and enjoy, but as one woman found out over the weekend, just make sure you don’t take their picture without asking permission first.

One woman brought her iPad to the park in the hopes of capturing the animals’ grace and beauty with a photo. However, at least one dolphin was not prepared to be digitally immortalized. As the woman leaned over the tank to get a snapshot, a dolphin leapt up and pulled the device out of her hand and into the pool.

Best of all, another SeaWorld patron got the whole thing on video.

The women quickly gets her iPad back, but no word on any damage to the device. You can also hear a voice, presumably from a SeaWorld employee, cautioning patrons that the dolphins can indeed reach items held nearby the pool.

Let this be a lesson to the rest of us. The next time you try to take a picture of a dolphin, make sure you ask permission first.

[Fox 13 Orlando]

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