Hockey season had its official kickoff for most people on Wednesday with the start of the NHL season. It’s an exciting time for fans. Some get so excited over the return of hockey that they decide to interrupt the action. This was true for one fan who was at an OHL game Wednesday.

With the game in the second period and already well out of hand, a man literally climbed over the boards and ran onto the ice. And with approximately 12 people in the arena watching, this guy made it from blue line to blue line without anyone intervening.

Wow. Just, wow.

First off, this guy picked a very dangerous time to jump on the ice. A player skated within feet of him as he landed on the ice.

Following that close call, the guy falls on his ass in a dramatic way before getting up and continuing to have his 15 seconds of fame. It’s just strange how he made it as far as he did without security or someone else on the ice stepping in. Maybe they were just in amazement that this was happening like the rest of us are after watching this.

This is pretty damn funny and is definitely a fun way to kick off the hockey season. However… it’s also probably not a good idea for others, as it probably won’t go as smoothly as it did for this guy, and of course the whole part about spending a night in jail.

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