Adam Hadwin Adam Hadwin gets tackled while trying to celebrate Nick Taylor’s RBC Canadian Open win.

Sunday was a huge day for Canadian golf. Nick Taylor won the RBC Canadian Open with an eagle on the fourth playoff hole. In the process, he became the first Canadian to win his national championship since Pat Fletcher in 1954. Another Canadian, Adam Hadwin tried to celebrate with Taylor. He is now no doubt feeling sore because of it.

Shortly after Taylor made his cross-green eagle putt to secure victory, Hadwin ran onto the green, trying to spray Taylor with champagne. Only, one of the RBC Canadian Open’s security guards either didn’t recognize Hadwin or didn’t care who.

Because as Hadwin began to spray the champagne, he was detained by security. And this wasn’t a matter of a guard going over to stop someone, realizing who he is and then letting him go. Without missing a beat, the guard ran at Hadwin and tackled him onto the ground.

Golf is not normally a contact sport. So, fans naturally had a lot to say about a golfer getting tackled to the ground on the green after a tournament.

Hadwin himself had a decent week at the event, finishing in a tie for 12th at 11-under. Hopefully Hadwin can ice down his wounds in time to be 100% for the U.S. Open in Los Angeles.

[Photo Credit: Kayla Grey]

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