kangaroo golf A kangaroo with one leg is an attractions at Space Farms Zoo and Museum in Wantage, NJ on May 12, 2022. Space Farms Zoo And Museum In Wantage Nj On May 12 2022

A kangaroo escapade on the golf links in Australia went viral and caused a stir.

Several days ago, a golfer on the continent down under hit the course and reached a sandtrap. Upon arrival, the golfer realized that someone else was patrolling the links: A kangaroo!

The golfer stood in the sandtrap, sending the ball over the kangaroo’s head and onto the green. Some of the sand got kicked up at the kangaroo, who stared at the golfer afterward.

This isn’t the first time, nor will it probably be the last time that a kangaroo has an adventure in the sports world in Australia. “The 69-year-old was “stomped” and scratched by a large female kangaroo while on the fairway at Arundel Hills Golf Club just after 9am on Friday,” an Australian publication wrote at the time. This encounter was, at least, a little less confrontational and a lot less violent.

A kangaroo also once invaded a soccer match in Australia several years ago. “That happened during a women’s semi-pro soccer match in Australia, though, and the kangaroo got quite into it, lying in front of a goal during halftime, reacting to balls kicked at it, and then darting down the pitch during play in the second half,” The Comeback’s Andrew Bucholtz wrote at the time.


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