The Masters is traditionally viewed as one of the stuffier, more formal events, even by golf standards. But the Par 3 Contest is very much not that. Former champions like Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player still participate, and family and friends caddy for the players, who are all much more relaxed.

Caddies even take a few swings from the tee, which is how we got Jack’s 15-year-old grandson GT taking a rip at it on the 9th hole on the Par 3 course. And it’s pretty obvious that GT Nicklaus comes from golf royalty:

Gary Player’s immediate “You’re gonna love it!” really sells the clip. I’m partial to this view that tracks GT and the other members of the group on the tee box. Also, what a damn swing, and a club twirl to match.

GT even got the Rinaldi treatment after the round:

Player’s on that from the start, isn’t he? Between this, Tony Finau’s untimely injury, and Tom Watson winning, the Par 3 Contest has proven to be a headline machine today. And the real Masters hasn’t even started yet!

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