Justin Thomas Sep 26, 2023; Rome, ITA; Team USA golfer Justin Thomas addresses the media in a press conference prior to a practice round of the Ryder Cup golf competition at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Adam Cairns-USA TODAY Sports

Diets are hard. You hear it all the time: It’s a lifestyle change.

However … is a good golf game worth giving up pizza? According to Justin Thomas … yes, but …

Thomas wanted to improve his health while dealing with some stomach issues. According to Golf.com’s Sean Zak, he worked with Dr. Ara Suppiah to eliminate dairy and gluten from his diet for a whole year.

There was only one thing he wanted and he would do just about anything to get it.

“I mean, it sucks. I want a pizza so f—ing bad, you have no idea,” Thomas told Zak.

He followed it up at the Wells Fargo Championship in May: “I want a pizza like you cannot imagine. Like I would do some really messed up things for a pizza just doused in ranch.”

“Obviously I’m hoping it works because it sucks not being able to eat anything good, but if I don’t try it, I won’t know if it works, you know what I’m saying?” he said. “Hoping that it’s something that’s going to help me a lot and just a little trial-and-error kind of thing.”

Don’t worry, he finally got pizza. He did have to slowly reintroduce dairy and gluten into his diet since he had been without it for as long as he was, but when he did indulge in a gluten-free pizza, he reacted accordingly. And, without any pushback from the ingredients.

“I swear I could have cried, it was so good,” he said.


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