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Since leaving the PGA Tour for LIV Golf, Phil Mickelson has been seen as a villain in the dispute between the two leagues.

Lefty wasn’t exactly well-liked before he left the PGA Tour, and he definitely isn’t now and is primarily to blame by current and past PGA Tour players for his influence in talking other golfers into leaving the PGA for LIV Golf.

One of those who is upset by Mickelson is former Ryder Cup captain Lanny Wadkins who called him out in a recent interview. Wadkins called Mickelson “disappointing.”

“I don’t know that there has ever been a more disappointing figure in golf than Phil Mickelson,” Wadkins said Monday. “I have seen what has transpired with him over the last ten-plus years. He was a beloved figure for a long time.”

Mickelson was popular among fans despite not being a favorite among some of his fellow golfers, including Tiger Woods. Wadkins, the Ryder Cup Captain in 1995, said he believes Mickelson has now blown his chance to be the Ryder Cup team captain.

“We all marveled at the way he could play,” Wadkins added. “But just nothing looks kosher about what he’s doing these days. He’s blown a chance to probably be the best Ryder Cup captain ever. I think he would probably have been a two-time captain. Now, he’s not going to be involved. It’s really kind of a shame.”

There continues to be discussion about whether LIV golfers should be allowed to participate in the Ryder Cup. Unfortunately, Wadkins said, Mickelson’s association with LIV Golf killed his chances because he thinks he’s bigger than the game.

“He’s just self-imploded and looks like he just continues to at every turn,” Wadkins added. “It’s disappointing and sad. It’s sad that we have people in our game that think they’re bigger than the game, and obviously Phil thinks he’s bigger.”

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