Patrick Reed Porsche

A crashed half-million-dollar Porsche possibly owned by golf star Patrick Reed has sparked a huge mystery.

Joe Pompliano of, tweeted photos of the car and provided the back story.

After winning the 2018 Masters, Reed seemingly purchased a $450,000 Porsche 911 GT2 RS. (There is such a thing as entry-level or low-end Porsches. This is not one of them.)

Only 1,000 of those Porsche models were manufactured in the U.S. If that didn’t make it unique enough, Reed had his painted in a custom Masters paint scheme, with yellow brake calipers.

That car recently turned up on an auto salvage website, totally wrecked.

That led to speculation about what happened. Had Reed wrecked it? Had the car been stolen? Had he sold it?

Pompliano admits there is no confirmation on whether it is Reed’s car, but there can’t be too many rare Porsches with Masters green paint schemes. Wait, there’s more — Pompliano reports the VIN number matches Reed’s car. He later reported that the car sold for $132,000.


Reed, who has won nine PGA Tour events including the 2018 Masters, is now a member of LIV Golf.

With no concrete evidence of what happened to that Porsche, Twitter users did what they do best, making fun of the situation.

[Joe Pompliano]; Photo credit: Joe Pompliano]

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