Donald Trump, golfer

The PGA is sending a big message about not associating with Donald Trump.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports the annual PGA tourney at Trump’s Trump National Doral will be relocated to Mexico City. The event organizer, Butch Buchholz, told Jackson the move was made because the event was unable to find a sponsor to replace Cadillac.

“I believe they are sincere when they said they didn’t want to leave an event with a 54 year history,” Buchholz said. “They’ve got an obligation to their board and they couldn’t find a sponsor so they had to move. They don’t have a choice. The PGA Tour didn’t have a choice, If you don’t have a sponsor what can you do?”

The move is clearly a response to Trump’s multiple racist comments. The PGA talked about relocating the event back in December, saying Trump’s comments on Muslims and Mexicans were “inconsistent” with their own beliefs. The Republican presidential candidate has been more than public about his intentions to build a wall to stop Mexicans from coming stateside. By moving the event from Trump’s course to one in Mexico, it’s a great response by the PGA.

Trump appeared on Fox News on Tuesday and said he hopes the PGA has “kidnapping insurance,” if they move the event to Mexico.

“I mean, I just heard that the PGA Tour is taking their tournament out of Miami and moving it to Mexico as an example,” Trump said. “They’re taking it — it’s at Doral, it’s at — they used one of my places. They’re moving their tournament, it’s the Cadlillac World Golf Championship. And Cadillac’s been a great sponsor, but they’re moving it to Mexico. They’re moving it to Mexico City which, by the way, I hope they have kidnapping insurance. But they’re moving it to Mexico City. And I’m saying, you know, what’s going on here? It is so sad when you look at what’s going on with our country.”

Kidnapping insurance? That’s not racist at all..

Trump continues to burn bridges with his asinine comments. The PGA Tour had no choice in moving the event. If they kept it at Trump’s golf course, it would have sent the wrong message. If the reports are true, by moving it to Mexico, they’re taking a stand against his comments. It’s a beautifully orchestrated move. Well done, PGA.

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