The PGA Tour is at TPC Louisiana for the Zurich Classic this week.

The annual New Orleans event is the only team event of the season on Tour, but it’s also a prime week for alligator content, something that both broadcasts and the Tour’s social media accounts love more than just about anything.

Today, though, saw a golfer-gator interaction different than what we normally get, with Cam Champ not bothering to move a small gator a few yards away as he set up for a recovery attempt.

You don’t see players typically playing shots that close to gators, but Champ played college golf (and currently lives) in Texas so presumably he’s a little more comfortable around them than most. But even so, he really was pretty close! With his back turned!

Moving gators across various fairways was a common sight for Saturday.

One shot that didn’t involve an alligator, against all odds: this one, from Wyndham Clark, who waded into the pond and somehow ended up hitting a ridiculous recovery.

That shot is hard in any circumstance, but considering the possibility of alligators nearby and it’s even more impressive.

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