Shortly after finishing his 2022 Masters, Tiger Woods let us know when we’ll definitely be seeing him again.

In his postround interview with Sky Sports, Tiger said that he’ll be at the Open Championship in July, which will be held at St. Andrews. Woods added that he’s not sure about May’s PGA Championship (which will be held at Southern Hills) or any other tournament between now and the British Open.

Naturally, fans looking to get more of Tiger were thrilled to find this out.

Health is of course a big factor for Tiger. While he completed the Masters, he was walking with a clear limp as his final round came to a close.

It also makes sense that he’d commit to the British Open. It’s the furthest major away on the calendar. So he has more time to get ready for it than the PGA Championship or U.S. Open. Additionally, Open Championship courses tend to not be as long or hilly as Augusta or any other American major venues. It’s one of the main reasons that older players (ie: Tom Watson in 2009) have historically competed much better in that tournament than at the Masters, PGA Championship or U.S. Open.

St. Andrews has historically been kind to Tiger. Two of his three Open Championship wins have been at the Old Course. The first was in 2000 when he dominated the week, finishing 19-under to win by eight shots. Woods won again five years later when the British Open returned to St. Andrews. And while it wasn’t as dominant, it wasn’t exactly suspenseful. Tiger finished at 14-under that week to win by five shots.

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