On the heels of an uneven but ultimately successful seventh season, all eyes turn to the eighth and final season of Game of Thrones that will arrive sometime in 2019. HBO is going to do everything in its power to keep the future storylines under wraps but in the meantime, they’re hoping that fans will be sated with stories from Westeros’ past.

Given the success of the fantasy show, HBO has their sights set on live-action spinoffs. But until then, they’re offering up a storybook-style animated series that gives fans a visual interpretation of how the Targaryen’s came to power over the Seven Kingdoms.

Game of Thrones Conquest & Rebellion is set to tell the story that begins with Aegon Targaryen’s conquest and presumably leads up to the events of Robert’s Rebellion, the major battle that sets the stage for the events of Game of Thrones. The first episode is now available online. “Valyria’s Last Scion: House Targaryen” tells the story of the Doom of Valyria and how that led to Aegon Targaryen deciding to move on Westeros. The entire miniseries will be 45 minutes long and will be included as a bonus gift for pre-ordering the Game of Thrones season 7 on Blu-ray.

That narrator voice may sound familiar to Thrones fans. It’s Harry Lloyd, whom you might remember as Viserys, brother to Daenerys’. Lloyd’s been off the show for a while now after receiving his “golden crown” in season one, but it helps bridge the gap between the two properties to have someone who was in the TV show be involved here.

While Aegon’s conquest was one of the ideas many people have said they wanted to see as one of the prequel or spinoff series, the creation of this animated series might make that moot. Would HBO want to invest millions in retelling a story they have already told? If anything, the animated series could act as a bridge from Game of Thrones to a prequel series that takes place in Valyria before the conquest.

Or the live-action spinoffs could have nothing to do with any of this because HBO is gonna do whatever they want and you’re probably going to watch it because Game of Thrones will be in the title.


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