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Many people are interested in Game of Thrones. That won’t be news to many of you, and as the show gets closer to its end, HBO doesn’t want the franchise to go away when the main series ends. That of course means there’s now talk of a spin-off show. And new HBO programming president Casey Bloys has added some fuel to the fire.

Bloy’s predecessor tried to put the kaibosh on any spinoff rumors before they grew too big, but Bloys is taking a different approach. When The Hollywood Reporter tracked him down recently, he seemed to be a big fan of a potential Thrones spinoff show.

“There are so many properties and areas to go to,” Bloys told The Hollywood Reporter this week at the Westworld premiere in Hollywood. “For us, it’s about finding the right take with the right writer.”

“There are things that sound interesting, but at this point, we have no writers assigned or anything like that. In a perfect world, Game of Thrones would keep going, and we wouldn’t have to deal with any of this!”

Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss have already said they are done with the franchise after it ends, but Bloys continues to hold out hope that those comments were just bluster:

“You’re getting them right when they’re about to embark on production. It’s a big, big commitment for them, not just their creative force, but also their family life. They’re gone for months at a time. So it’s a big, big thing. But should we find a property that makes sense as a spinoff or a prequel — whatever you want to say — I would not expect them to do it, because they’re going to need to decompress for a good amount of time, but it would certainly be nice to have their involvement in some way. At what level? I have no idea.”

So a big wig at HBO is talking quite a big game about a Game of Thrones spin-off show and is doing whatever he can to keep the big band together if/when it actualizes. It might not entirely be the time to get excited yet, but we wouldn’t blame you if your ears started to perk up a bit.


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