Johnny Manziel hasn’t even signed a Canadian Football League contract yet, and it’s unclear if he and the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be able to come to terms on one even following his clearance by CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie. That’s because of Manziel’s reported request through his agent to be paid like former Hamilton QB Zach Collaros, one of the highest-paid players in the league. But Manziel isn’t letting that lack of a contract get in the way of potential merchandising opportunities, asking on Instagram Wednesday if followers would buy hoodies with the “ComebackSZN” tag he posted in his recent trolling of his former team, the Cleveland Browns. Manziel has apparently since deleted the posts, but Caitlyn Holroyd has them preserved at The Score. Here’s a side-by-side look at the photos he posted:

Johnny Manziel's proposed "Comeback SZN" hoodies.

“#ComebackSZN” (which he used in both the trolling post where he later deleted the caption and in a later post) is apparently Manziel’s thing, and if he wants to try and cash in on it, why not? And the hoodies aren’t bad, with the logo, his number, and his famed “money gesture” on the sleeves. It is sort of remarkable that he’s declaring a comeback before actually signing with a team, though, and unless he dials back his demands a bit, that may be tough. And it’s far from guaranteed that he’ll be a CFL success if he does sign, either, as many big-name American quarterbacks haven’t made much of a CFL impact in the past. We’ll see how that works out for Manziel, and we’ll also see how this apparent venture into clothing turns out for him.

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