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MLB fans were up in arms on Friday afternoon because of an absurd shift used during a Spring Training game.

The league may have changed the rules on shifting in the off-season, but it doesn’t appear to be deterring teams away from making adjustments.

The Boston Red Sox played the Minnesota Twins on Friday afternoon. Twins batter Joey Gallo, no stranger to the shift or hitting issues, stepped into the box. I’m not sure Gallo or anyone could have foreseen the alignment that the Red Sox decided to trot out.

“Believe this is the first time I’ve seen a shifted outfielder this camp,” wrote Do-Hyoung Park of The Twins reporter continued, “Red Sox rearranging their outfield alignment to put an extra man on the right side against, of course, Joey Gallo.”

So the entire outfield moved over to the right side. There are only two outfielders in play: In centerfield and right field.

Pretty absurd!

MLB fans reacted to the crazy shift.

One fan suggested a “fun twist” to this.

Former pitcher David Aardsma was one of the few who liked it!

Another fan said, “The Shift is inevitable to Joey Gallo.” Hard to argue!

Radio host Matt Spiegel seemed to know this was coming.

And finally, radio host Lori Robinson said, “Because why wouldn’t you still find a way to shift Joey Gallo and make him prove he can hit the other way?’

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