Aroldis Chapman accidentally tackles Vic Carapazza. Royals pitcher Aroldis Chapman collided with and tackled umpire Vic Carapazza during Tuesday’s game with the Blue Jays.

Standing 6-foot-4 and weighing well over 200 pounds, there’s a decent chance that Aroldis Chapman would have played football if he grew up in the United States. During Tuesday night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, we got a preview of what that might look like.

Chapman was called upon to pitch the top of the ninth inning for the Kansas City Royals. Toronto’s Kevin Kiermaier led the inning off with a slow grounder to first base. Chapman broke towards first but moved toward the ball, as though he wanted to field it. But the ball was actually fielded by first baseman, Vinnie Pasquantino who then dove at first base in an ultimately successful attempt to retire Kiermaier.

Chapman, though, had to change his path. But while he did that, he kept his attention largely on the play at first base. So, by the time he noticed his new path had him running directly at umpire Vic Carapazza, it was too late. Trying to avoid contact, Chapman jumped. But it was far too late and the pitcher crashed hard into the umpire.

A pitcher tackling an umpire is not exactly an everyday occurrence, at least not outside of the dreams of some pitchers.

Naturally, when it happened, baseball fans had a lot to say about the unusual occurrence.

[Photo Credit: Bally Sports]

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