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The Milwaukee Brewers held their home opener at American Family Field on Tuesday. The undefeated Brewers hosted the Minnesota Twins, which may have sparked some fun banter between Milwaukee fans and Minnesota fans, who have never been shy about their disdain for each other.

There was nearly an accident during the first Sausage Race of the season at the Brewers’ stadium. Twins star Byron Buxton appeared standing outside the dugout while the race trudged on. The Bratwurst was seen running, and then nearly collided with Buxton, who was quite close to the dugout.

Had a collision happened, it’s likely Buxton could have been forced up against the dugout, which would have been a bizarre disaster.

CJ Fogler, a notable account on X known as “cjzero,” posted a video of the near-incident.

“The Twins nearly lost Byron Buxton to a bratwurst in Milwaukee and we absolutely would have closed the border to Wisconsin if it happened,” Fogler said.

While there’s obviously no bad blood or animosity at play, this would have been quite the predicament had that collision happened. At least we can laugh at this situation now, because given Buxton’s injury history, it would have been an awful way for him to get hurt.

Thankfully, fate intervened in a positive way. Next time, Buxton may opt to spectate the Sausage Race from inside the dugout.

[CJ Zero]

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