MLB's see-through uniform issue has been the butt of a lot of jokes in spring training. On Friday, the list of jokers added Cap'n Crunch. Photo Credit: Cap'n Crunch on Twitter/X Photo Credit: Cap’n Crunch on Twitter/X

MLB’s uniform issue has made the league the butt of a lot of jokes during spring training. On Friday, Cap’n Crunch got in on the fun. Seriously.

The issue, for those unaware, is that the uniforms haven’t done much to hide the body parts they’re supposed to be covering. The uniforms have been criticized by players and announcers, to a point where Fanatics CEO Michael Rubin issued a statement defending his company.

But that didn’t stop Cap’n Crunch from trolling. The organization’s verified Twitter/X account posted a photo on Friday of the cereal’s titular mascot playing baseball. He was in his typical full military garb — with one glaring and hilarious exception. He was wearing no pants, only Cap’n Crunch themed boxer shorts. The caption read: “No pants is better than see-through pants.”

The jokes did not stop there. Not by a long shot.

While 2024 is only two months old, it’s hard to imagine many weirder things happening over the next 10 months.

And on that note, if you had Cap’n Crunch trolling MLB over see-through uniforms on your 2024 bingo card, we’re confidently going to assume that you’re somehow cheating and disqualify you for the rest of the game.

[Photo Credit: Cap’n Crunch on Twitter/X]

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