Jul 7, 2023; San Francisco, California, USA; San Francisco Giants shortstop Casey Schmitt (6) stretches before the game against the Colorado Rockies at Oracle Park. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

A photo of San Francisco Giants infielder Casey Schmitt circulated and generated a lot of online buzz on Thursday. And when you see the photo, you’ll understand why.

A photo, originally seen (though no longer available) on the Instagram stories of Alex Pavlovic, who covers the Giants for NBC Sports Bay Area circulated on Thursday. The caption for the photo took note of Schmitt’s mustache.

But with all due respect to Schmitt’s mustache, it was only the third most notable part of the photo. While the Giants do their spring training in Arizona’s Cactus League, this photo of Schmitt is far better suited for Florida’s Grapefruit League.


For his sake, we hope that Schmitt doesn’t have to do a lot of head-first dives this season.

To the surprise of, well, absolutely nobody, there was no shortage of takes generated from this photo.

Pants and what they hide — and more importantly, do not hide — have been a topic of conversation in the early weeks of spring training.

How does this compare to Bill Ripken’s infamous 1989 Fleer Card? We suppose that’s up to the individual. But how did either photo get into circulation? That’s just nuts.

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