Carlos Correa

Carlos Correa and the New York Mets joined up to stun the MLB world with a late-night acquisition this week.

The Mets decided to bring the superstar shortstop into Queens to pair him with fellow Puerto Rican star and multi-time MLB All-Star Francisco Lindor up the middle that will pack a powerful punch.

Correa looked like he was going to be a San Francisco Giant. But they mysteriously pulled out of the deal after the star shortstop’s physical. The team shied away due to a previous injury that concerned them.

Details continue to emerge about the way the Mets signed Correa away from the Giants. Steve Berman, better known as the Bay Area Sports Guy, revealed a crazy detail penned by ESPN MLB insider Jeff Passan. Berman tweeted, “According to Jeff Pasan, Farhan Zaidi called Scott Boras on Monday about his 2014 lower leg injury. Then they postponed (i.e. canceled) the press conference and at around 1 p.m. Tuesday the Giants asked to renegotiate.”

The article entailed, “Their concerns were with Correa’s lower right leg, which had been surgically repaired in 2014 after he broke his fibula on a slide during a minor league game.”

Later, the article detailed the process by which this all came together. The Mets reportedly balked at the first offer made but, as Passan wrote, “A Correa-Mets union was too appealing for Cohen to play hardball — especially after his wife, Alex, a die-hard Mets fan whose father, Ralph Garcia, regularly attended games at Citi Field even through the leanest years, advocated for him to sign Correa.”

A few hours passed, and Correa was signed. The superstar shortstop tackled power agent Scott Boras in jubilation after the deal was made, according to Passan.

The Giants didn’t come away with either Correa or superstar outfielder Aaron Judge this offseason. So now as the well has dried up, Giants fans likely will continue to be floored by how this shook out. And hey, it’s hard to blame them.

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