Cincinnati Reds pitcher Ben Lively allowing a home run against the Chicago Cubs Photo Credit: Marquee Sports Network

The Cincinnati Reds faced off against the Chicago Cubs on Tuesday, and Reds starting pitcher Ben Lively had one of the roughest starts of any pitcher this MLB season.

Lively came into Tuesday’s game as one of the better starting pitchers on the Reds with a 3.76 ERA. That would quickly change after his horrific day against a division rival.

Things were ugly from the start for Lively, allowing five runs in the bottom of the first inning before he even recorded his first out.

We have seen plenty of pitchers get pulled after a rough start like this. Instead, Reds manager David Bell let Lively work through his rough start, which wasn’t exactly the best choice.

Lively would go on to pitch three more innings, allowing 13 earned runs including four home runs on the day.

His night was mercifully put to an end when Reds relief pitcher Derek Law came in for Lively in the bottom of the fifth inning.

Fans took notice of this horrendous start, and some ripped Lively while others blasted David Bell for not taking him out sooner.

Lively’s rough day was certainly historic, just not in the way that Reds fans may have hoped. He became just the 13th pitcher since 1947 to allow 13 or more runs in a game, and the last to do so since Jordan Yamomoto in 2020.

Lively is also now the first pitcher to ever allow 13 earned runs in a start along with four home runs in an outing that lasted less than four innings.

After Lively’s start, he now sits at a 5.20 ERA, which shows just how rough of a start it really was.

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