The Billy Williams bobblehead has No. 1 on it, a number he never wore with the Cubs, or anyone else. While Billy Williams’ No. 26 is retired at Wrigley Field, the Cubs gave him the wrong number on a promotional bobblehead.

While the Chicago Cubs led 4-1 after the second inning of Saturday’s game, they eventually ended up on the wrong end of an 8-5 final against their National League Central rivals, the Cincinnati Reds. The loss moved the Cubs to 8-16 in May. So, things aren’t going great for the team on the field.

We learned on Saturday that things aren’t going well for the team’s promotions department, either.

Saturday’s game at Wrigley Field was a bobblehead night. The bobblehead honored Billy Williams, one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise.

Williams is in the Baseball Hall of Fame and his No. 26 is retired by the Cubs. So, it likely came as a surprise to the Chicago fans to Williams wearing the No. 1 on his bobblehead.

While Williams is best known as No. 26, he did wear other numbers in his career. He wore No. 4 for the Cubs in 18 games in 1959 and No. 41 for 12 games in 1960. In 1961, he became No. 26 and wore that for the rest of his career in Chicago. Williams then played the final two years of his career with the Oakland Athletics, wearing No. 7 in 1975 and No. 28 in 1976.

So, while it would be a big mistake, we could maybe understand if this bobblehead was given one of those numbers — even one of the numbers he wore with the A’s. But as more eagle-eyed readers have no doubt figured out, Williams never wore No. 1 at any point of his MLB career.

It was later reported that the Cubs were made aware of the problem and were working on ways to fix it.

Still, the mistake triggered one obvious question. Just how exactly does a Major League team let this happen?

[Photo Credit: Tim Shriver, Bleacher Nation]

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