Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Denard Span hit a home run on Saturday against the Boston Red Sox that has to be the easiest of his 11-year major league career. Heck, it’s probably the easiest homer he’s gotten since his earliest little league years.

Span hit your average line drive single into center field at Fenway Park, and the second hop got by a diving Jackie Bradley Jr.

Now, the ball took a really weird hop on Bradley, but this is a ball he at least should be knocking down. Instead, the ball rolled all the way to the wall, and Span was rounding third base by the time right fielder Mookie Betts.

The ruling of an inside-the-park homer over a single and three-base error is probably the correct one, as dumb as that may seem. That was a a really tough hop and — fairly or unfairly — the defender usually isn’t going to be charged with an error on a play like that unless it goes through his legs.

That home run could end up being a crucial play in the game, with the Rays currently leading the Red Sox 6-5 in the 6th.

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