Derek Jeter Photo: GQ

New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter is on one of the covers for this month’s GQ magazine, along with Deion Sanders and Allen Iverson. GQ’s photoshoots typically consist of famous people wearing clothes that most of us can’t afford, and that was the case in Jeter’s photoshoot.

Jeter is impeccably dressed but photographed in some strange situations. Like wearing an all-purple suit in front of what looks like an old movie theater curtain or wearing a tux in a restaurant kitchen with an untouched burger that Jeter would likely never consider eating.

This has resulted in Jeter getting roasted online, and the internet had some rather hilarious quips.

“GQ got my captain working as a concierge at the Grand Budapest Hotel smh.” -yc


“Why does he look like Glenn Quagmire.” -Alex Cole


“he heard someone call him ‘less insane than A-Rod’ and took it as a challenge.” -@GriffinMang


“Knives Out 3: Golden Gift Basket.” -Tori J


“bonsoir, gentlemen. i hope your journey from the mainland was restful, because when the clock strikes midnight my guests will begin their hunt.” -lauren

In fairness to Jeter, he wasn’t posing shirtless with three other shortstops this time. Anyway, if you want to look like one of the baseball GOAT’s, that purple Armani jacket and Gucci pants ensemble costs almost $3,300.

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