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The Philadelphia Phillies’ season is over, and while fans in the City of Brotherly Love are licking their wounds, many MLB fans elsewhere are happy.

They’re not just happy — they’re elated.

The Phillies are probably not the most despised MLB team. That honor almost certainly goes to the New York Yankees. But the Phillies are very high on the hate list. There is also no love lost for Philadelphia’s other pro teams, the Philadelphia Eagles, the Philadelphia 76ers, and, when they were relevant, the Philadelphia Flyers.

The Phillies, Eagles and 76ers have also been very successful the past few seasons, and some would say the city’s sports fans have become even more unbearable than usual.

So social media lit up with Phillies hate, jokes and memes after the team’s NLCS Game 7 loss to the Arizona Diamondbacks Tuesday night.

Twitter user Kevin Adams summed up the feelings of many, tweeting, “I’ll forever enjoy seeing Philadelphia teams lose. Arguably the most miserable and disrespectful sports fans in the world.”

Adams had plenty of company on X (formerly Twitter), and the surprising thing is not that there was so much hate and vitriol, but that fans were actually celebrating and relishing the Phillies’ loss with more passion than some people celebrate family weddings, graduations, etc.

And of course there were plenty of funny memes.


Things got so bad that some Phillies fans even trolled themselves.

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