The Junior League World Series gets less pub than the Little League World Series, despite the fact that it occurs simultaneously. The JLWS features kids aged 13, 14, and 15, and rather than Williamsport, it takes place in Taylor, Michigan, a Detroit suburb.

Today, though, one particular highlight is putting the Junior Leaguers in a bigger spotlight, and for good reason:

Here’s the background, courtesy the Detroit Free Press:

With one out in the fourth inning of the championship game and trailing 5-1, Kennett Square (Pa.) centerfielder Jack Regenye made an unbelievable play, leaping over the wall in centerfield to rob a home run by Chinese Taipei. 

Regenye flipped over the top of the fence, landing outside the field of play, but held on for the home run-saving catch. 

That’s just a perfect baseball play, made more impressive by Regenye’s complete disregard for his own physical well-being.

It wasn’t without controversy, though, as the opposing manager attempted to argue the catch should have been a home run. He was almost successful, too:

After the Chinese Taipei manager came out to argue the call, the umpires gathered and overturned the call to a home run. 

The Chinese Taipei batter rounded the bases and celebrated his home run with teammates as the Kennett Square crowd booed. 

But then, umpires again came together and changed the call back to an out. That was the right call.

Chinese Taipei (Taiwan, essentially, although there’s a really complex background on the nomenclature) still won the game, 12-1, winning their fifth straight JLWS title. But hey, the catch is still fantastic.

[Detroit Free Press]

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  1. I agree !That indeed was a catch that I don’t think even many major leaguers would attempt .But Jack Regenye showed how great a player he is now and could be in the future by making that truly amazing catch .What a great catch and what a great player !

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