Coors Field hailstorm Photo Credit: Kelsey Wingert-Linch, AT&T SportsNet

It hailed at Coors Field on Thursday.

Before you think, “Well, it’s summer, and hail is common in hot weather,” understand this was no typical hailstorm. It really, really hailed. Apocalyptic hail. This roared through like the Shohei Ohtani of hailstorms.

Kelsey Wingert-Linch, a reporter with the Colorado Rockies’ AT&T SportsNet, shared some surreal images of the freak storm on Twitter.

One video shows a dugout floor covered in hail, and hail piled up within a few inches of the clubhouse doors.

As Wingert-Linch noted in one video, “I have never seen anything like this in my life.”

Some of the players took the opportunity to play around in what looked like a snowstorm. The hail piled up deep enough for catcher Elias Diaz to make snow angels.

Did the MLB world storm Twitter to comment on this strange event? Hail, yes. As Drew Rice Creasman noted in a video he posted, “The End Times, at Coors Field.”

KUSA-TV’s Chris Vanderveen had the most epic response to the storm, given the Rockies’ dismal 32-50 record entering the day.

“Has the hail done so much damage to Coors Field that the rest of the season must now be cancelled? Asking. For a friend,” Vanderveen tweeted.

The Rockies game against the Los Angeles Dodgers will go on as scheduled.

[Kelsey Wingert-Linch, AT&T SportsNet]

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