While home runs into McCovey Cove are unique, one hit by Giants catcher Patrick Bailey on Saturday landed in an even more unusual spot. Photo Credit: Arizona Diamondbacks TV Photo Credit: Arizona Diamondbacks TV

Patrick Bailey was a star on Saturday. The San Francisco Giants catcher went 4-for-4 on the day. One of those hits was a home run, which landed in a weird place.

Bailey came up in the first inning. During that at-bat, Giants announcers Duane Kuiper and Mike Krukow noted that since it was his bobblehead day, he needed to come through. Krukow joked that he needed at least two hits while Kuiper commented that at least one needed to be a home run. It ended up being a stellar reverse announcer’s jinx.

In the fifth inning, Bailey recorded his third home run of the day, breaking a 3-3 tie with a two-run placed into McCovey Cove. Or, perhaps more aptly put, a two-run blast onto McCovey Cove.

The home run left Oracle Park and cleared the Portwalk, so Bailey got credit for a splash hit. Only, this ball didn’t get wet. It landed directly in a kayak.

As popular as home runs into the water are with baseball fans, this homer into a kayak was even more buzzworthy.

[Cut4 on Twitter/X, Photo Credit: Arizona Diamondbacks TV]

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