Joey Votto Cincinnati Reds first baseman Joey Votto takes questions during a press conference prior to the start of the Reds vs. Chicago Cubs game at the Field of Dreams baseball field in Dyersville on Thursday, Aug. 11, 2022. Fieodofdreams 20220811 Bh

It wasn’t the ending fans wanted, so it’s one they’re not going to get.

Six-time All-Star first baseman Joey Votto confirmed on The Dan Patrick Show Friday that he plans to return in 2024 for at least one more season.

“I want to play again…at least one more year,” Votto said.

Dan Patrick scared the you-know-what out of many when DP introduced him as the guy who would be retiring soon.

Here’s how the MLB world reacted:

He does indeed, still bang, but he also faces a unique offseason. His 10-year, $225,000,000 contract was in its final season in 2023.

Votto also said he wants to play for the team again, but is open to another opportunity with the club if the Reds decide to move on.

Imagine having his farewell tour on another team.

This was more of a significant answer following a unique possible finale. The 40-year-old was ejected in the second inning of last Sunday’s 4-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals.

There’s no way that would be it, right?

It left many wondering if that would be his final game of his career, and Votto later told reporters, including’s Mark Sheldon.

“As far as my future, my individual future, I’m still not there yet,” Votto said. “I have been praised and given so much attention this last stretch, I’ve been conflicted in that I’ve appreciated it and I recognize it and I’m grateful for it. But then there is the competitive side of me that’s like, ‘Just let me compete today.’ I don’t want to distract myself with anything but today’s competition [or], ‘How can I help the team? How can I help push us forward towards a playoff berth?’ A lot has happened at once. I recognize the support. I recognize the interest, but I just don’t have an answer yet. We’ll see.”

We hope to see Votto back in 2024, and hopefully during his farewell tour, he’s sporting Reds gear.

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