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Kansas City-area voters love their Chiefs and Royals, but they’re not keen on paying more in taxes to pay for their venues.

KMBC 9 in Kansas City reported Tuesday that voters have rejected a 40-year extension of a 3/8th-cent sales tax that would have helped fund a new downtown ballpark for the Royals. Funds also would have been used to repair and maintain the Chiefs’ Arrowhead Stadium.

More than 78,000 Jackson County residents voted “No” on Question 1, sending the sales tax proposal to a 58-42 defeat.

Royals Chairman and CEO John Sherman conceded defeat in a statement.

“We respect the voters of Jackson County and the results of the election today,” Sherman said. “We will take some time to reflect on and process the outcome and find a path forward that works out for the Royals and our fans.”

The Royals had unveiled their plans for a $2 billion facility in downtown KC in February.

Chiefs president Mark Donovan told KMBC that, “We’re disappointed. We feel we put forth the best offer for Jackson County … we’re ready to extend the long-standing partnership with the teams they enjoyed with this county. This is important.”

This doesn’t mean the Royals’ proposed ballpark will not be built, but it will not be funded by an extension of that sales tax.

Supporters on both sides of the issue spoke out on the results.

[KMBC; Photo Credit: Kansas City Royals on Twitter]

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