Kyle Schwarber somehow kept the ball in his glove.

Many have often wondered about Chicago Cubs’ star Kyle Schwarber’s defensive ability in the outfield. Sunday night against the New York Yankees, Schwarber made a play that definitely quieted those doubters, at least for a moment. In the 12th inning with the score deadlocked at four, Schwarber came up with an incredible play in left field, charging across the field and flipping over the wall to catch a foul ball:

Here’s a slow-motion replay of that:

That’s an unbelievable catch from Schwarber. He has to go a heck of a long way to get there in the first place, and then he’s able to somehow go over the wall without hurting himself or dropping the ball. As ESPN’s Jessica Mendoza notes on that replay, Schwarber knew the wall was coming and was able to adjust for it, and his ability to hang on to the ball and instantly show that he still had it deserves praise as well. Here’s a look at Schwarber flying over the wall:

The Cubs' Kyle Schwarber went over a wall to make this catch.

That’s one of the most impressive catches we’ve seen in some time, and it perhaps is even more impressive coming from Schwarber (who’s listed as 6’0”, 235 pounds). How’s that for an ability to play defense?

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