Mets fan meltdown

Transit problems can definitely lead to some meltdowns, and Mets’ fan Frank Fleming gave us one for the ages Monday. A New Jersey Transit derailment at New York City’s Penn Station Monday morning meant that trains throughout the New York/New Jersey area were delayed or cancelled all day, leading to lots of angry commuters and travelers. Some, including Fleming, were upset they weren’t able to get to the Mets’ Opening Day game. Here’s what Fleming told WNBC 4 New York’s Checkey Beckford:

“New Jersey Transit is the absolute worst! I’m not going to get to my game now because they’re INCOMPETENT!”

In fairness to Fleming, he does have a bit of a point; this was the second train issue holding up traffic in just over a week, and it affected train schedules not just throughout Monday, but for Tuesday as well. But still, this is an amazing rant about missing a baseball game. Perhaps Fleming will be the next to follow in the footsteps of the “The Rent Is Too Damn High” guy.

[WNBC 4 New York]

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  1. Considering he’s in Seacaucus, I have no idea why this guy doesn’t just take an Über or Lyft to Times Square to catch the 7 train or take LIRR out of Penn Station. Clearly he wasn’t thinking straight.

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