Justin Verlander arguing with home-plate umpire Jansen Visconti. Photo Credit: SNY

One of the more controversial rule changes in the MLB this season has been the pitch clock imposed to improve the pace of play. Justin Verlander felt the wrath of the pitch clock in Monday’s start for the New York Mets against the Milwaukee Brewers, which he certainly wasn’t pleased about.

The violation occurred in the bottom of the third inning before Brewers slugger Rowdy Tellez came up to bat. Verlander was warming up in anticipation of Tellez’s at-bat, and home plate umpire Jansen Visconti seemingly took exception to how many warmup pitches Verlander had thrown.

This led to Visconti going out to the mound to talk to Verlander, and Verlander wasn’t happy about this. The two began jawing back and forth before Visconti walked back to home plate. When he did so, he immediately called a pitch clock violation on Verlander, resulting in an automatic ball for him in the at-bat.


It was definitely a bizarre situation, and many fans were not pleased by the call from Visconti.


The whole point of the pitch clock was meant to speed up the game, and it has largely helped do that. However, this interaction in particular took far longer than just allowing Verlander to throw his final warmup pitch.

Luckily the automatic ball didn’t end up costing him in the at-bat against Tellez. He would go on to strike out Tellez after battling back in the count.


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