The Rockies try and absurd shift against Marlins star Luis Arraez Photo Credit: Bally Sports

Sunday’s game between the Colorado Rockies and the Miami Marlins featured an extremely extreme shift in a key moment of the game against one of the most complete hitters in the game.

Marlins star second baseman Luis Arráez has been widely praised for his ability to get key hits all season. He came into Sunday’s game with far and away the best batting average in baseball, hitting .379 on the year.

He is about the last player that any team wants to see at the plate in a key moment. Yet that’s the exact situation that the Rockies had on their hands, as Arráez stepped to the plate in the bottom of the tenth inning with the bases loaded and a chance to walk it off.

The Rockies applied an extreme shift to try and prevent Arráez from getting a game-winning hit, moving their center fielder into the infield and moving their right fielder into center field, leaving right field completely empty.

This was actually pretty savvy, as anything that got out of the infield would have likely scored the third base runner with only one out in the inning. Unfortunately, Arráez did what he has done all season, hitting a line drive into the empty right field and winning the game for the Marlins.

The shift obviously didn’t work as planned, but it certainly caught the attention of fans watching at home considering how rare it is to see.

Say what you want about the Rockies’ decision to try this drastic shift, but this moment is another example of just how special of a player Luis Arráez truly is.

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