Mickey Mantle performed many incredible feats at the old Yankee Stadium.

But the New York Yankees legend remembered one X-rated act especially fondly.

Many serious Yankees and Mantle fans have been aware for years of a strange-but-true document detailing a sexual escapade the slugger had at the stadium. On the 50th anniversary of the old stadium in 1973, then-Yankees executive Bob Fishel gave past and present Yankees players a questionnaire. It asked for players to detail “my most outstanding experience at Yankee Stadium.”

Mantle provided details — did he ever. The outfielder wrote, ““I got a b–w job under the right field bleachers by the Yankee bullpen.”

Mantle goes on to recount the act in exceptionally vivid detail. We won’t get into the XXX stuff here, but if you’re interested, the document can be yours — for a hefty price. Lelands is auctioning off the questionnaire. The starting bid is $1,000, but it will fetch far more than that. Lelands described it as “The most famous Mantle document in the hobby.”

As of Tuesday night, there were already 36 bids in the auction, which runs another 17-plus days.

Really, should we be surprised that Mantle, a magnet for women during his career, did something like this at the ballpark? Recall a few years ago, New York Mets outfielder Darryl Strawberry revealed he used to have sex in the clubhouse during games.


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