Mike Trout

It’s not as if we were worried this would happen, but it’s the MLB offseason, and you never know.

There had been whispers circulating that 11-time All-Star and three-time AL MVP Mike Trout could be traded this offseason, but Angels general manager Perry Minasian confirmed that is not the case.

“Mike Trout is not getting traded,” Minasian told MLB.com’s Rhett Bollinger. “100 percent.”

The whispers previously referred to didn’t have a lot of merit to them, but after a season of an Angels collapse and uncertainly of where Shohei Ohtani would land, people began to speculate. And you know what they say about assuming …

By all accounts, Trout appears to be happy where he’s at. He even avoided free agency when he signed his vast 12-year, $426,500,000 contract with the Angels in March of 2019. He didn’t want to be a part of the open market.

“I think you see it nowadays with all these extensions,” Trout told Business Insider after the extension. “People want to stay away from free agency.”

Some of these deals wouldn’t even come to fruition until spring training, and Trout didn’t like the idea of missing time to prepare and stretch out for the upcoming season.

While that’s a different ballgame than being traded, it would be foolish for a team to sell away someone of Trout’s caliber.

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