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A bizarre disaster nearly occurred in Milwaukee on Tuesday afternoon. The Milwaukee Brewers held their 2024 home opener at American Family Field and welcomed the Minnesota Twins across the Wisconsin border to begin a series. While things usually get contentious between Minnesota and Wisconsin sports teams, we didn’t quite expect the situation that emerged here.

The first Sausage Race of the 2024 Brewers season went down with fanfare at the ballpark. And while the race went on, Twins star Byron Buxton was seen hanging out outside the dugout. Buxton fell into a precarious situation though, as fate would have it. The Bratwurst, a Milwaukee favorite indeed, raced toward the finish line. But in that sprint, the Bratwurst nearly collided with Buxton.

Buxton would have likely been slammed up on the dugout railing, which would have been both bizarre and a disaster situation for the Twins. Next time, Buxton might choose to spectate the Sauasge Race from inside the dugout vs. outside it. Given his injury history, it would have been a terrible way for him to go out.

The MLB world reacted to the incident.

CJ Fogler, better known as cjzero online, emerged with a video and a humorous post of the incident.

“The Twins nearly lost Byron Buxton to a bratwurst in Milwaukee and we absolutely would have closed the border to Wisconsin if it happened,” Fogler said.

More reactions followed.

[CJ Zero]

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