Mets catcher Francisco Alvarez takes groin shot. Photo Credit: ESPN

The game of baseball is not typically seen as one that involves all that much pain. You may want to avoid telling that to New York Mets rookie catcher Francisco Álvarez and San Francisco Giants outfielder Joc Pederson, who both felt some pain on the same play in their matchup on Sunday Night Baseball.

The play occurred in the top of the eighth inning while Álvarez was behind the dish. Mets relief pitcher Brooks Raley went too far inside on a pitch to Pederson, hitting him on his elbow guard.

As the ball bounced off of Pederson, it ricocheted and hit Álvarez in the groin, which visibly caused him to fall to the ground.

ESPN’s Karl Ravich perfectly described the play, calling it a “double-dong”.

“That on got Pederson, he will take his base,” said Ravich. “And it may have also gotten Álvarez after it deflected off Pederson. A double-dong there.”

It was a double-dong indeed, and many around the baseball world certainly felt for both parties involved.

Even though Pederson took the initial blow, it actually looked like Álvarez was the one that was worse for wear in this situation. Luckily, both players were able to shake it off and stay in the game following this painful moment.

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