Randy Arozarena's mom Rays star Randy Arozarena’s mom threw out an incredible first pitch before Game 1 of the AL Wild Card Series. Credit: Tricia Whitaker on X

The 2023 MLB Postseason is officially underway. The postseason rang in with the American League Wild Card Series, as the Tampa Bay Rays host the Texas Rangers. Rays star Randy Arozarena gained fame for his postseason heroics a few years ago. He might have gotten some of that talent from his mom.

Arozarena’s mom was chosen to throw out the first pitch before Game 1. She decided to throw out from the mound, a daring move for some for first pitches. But, fearless as ever, Arozarena’s mom rared back and dealt her pitch.

And it was a perfect throw! The ball darted through the air, and Arozarena, behind the plate, didn’t even have to move his glove. He and his mom then hugged while the raucous Tropicana Field crowd buzzed and cheered.

This is an impressive throw! First pitches can sometimes go awry even when they aren’t thrown from the mound. So the fact that this throw was made so immaculately is awesome.

The Rays will hope to seize control of Game 1 against the Rangers. The Best of 3 nature of the Wild Card Series makes everything matter just that much more.

Social media responded in droves to the throw. Many were in awe of the dazzling first pitch and expressed their adoration for it online.

[Tricia Whitaker]

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