An epic blooper occurred in Saturday's Mets vs. Red Sox game. In a twist, the Mets benefited from the hilarious error. Photo Credit: NESN Red Sox shortstop Yu Chang watches an errant throw from catcher Jorge Alfaro, giving the Mets a Little League home run. Photo Credit: NESN.

The New York Mets have been on the wrong end of several bloopers this season. On Saturday, they got to see things from the other side, thanks to the Boston Red Sox.

Trailing 2-0 in the top of the fourth inning, New York’s Jeff McNeil came to the plate with two outs and runners on second and third. He hit what initially looked like it would be a game-tying single. But it didn’t stop there.

Boston center fielder Jarren Duran threw home in an attempt to throw Pete Alonso out. The throw was ill-advised, as the ball was deep enough in centerfield for Alonso to score easily with a two-out jump. While it was a mistake, it should have only cost the team an extra base, allowing McNeil to take second base. But Catcher Jorge Alfaro cut stepped in front of the plate and threw to second, trying to get McNeil.

His throw was wide. Quite wide. Shortstop Yu Chang had no chance of catching the ball, which rolled to just short of the warning track before Duran finally chased it down. McNeil easily scored on the throwing error, giving the Mets the lead on a Little League home run.

If plays like this are good for anything, they tend to lighten up the mood for anyone who sees them. This was no different.

What makes this play so unique is that, well, it’s really not unique.

The Red Sox have been down this road before in 2023.

If you’re playing the Red Sox this year, run hard. There’s a decent chance that it may earn you another 90 feet — if not more.

[Photo Credit: NESN]

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