Young San Francisco Giants fan is given a foul ball. Photo Credit: NBC Sports Bay Area

The San Francisco Giants faced off against the Seattle Mariners on Wednesday night, and one young Giants fan had a fantastic day at Oracle Park after he received a special gift from a generous foul ball catcher.

The television broadcast for the game, NBC Sports Bay Area, picked up video of an extremely wholesome interaction between two Giants fans.

One of them had caught a foul ball earlier in the game, and opted to give the ball to a young fan that was extremely eager to get the ball himself. The young fan then went on to play catch in the stands with the generous fan that gave him the ball in between innings on the field.

Baseball is truly a sport that is for people of all ages, and this awesome moment is likely something that this young fan will never forget.

This moment was clearly the most important of the day for the young fan in question, but all Giants fans were certainly in for a treat with their play on the field Wednesday night.

The Giants pitching staff certainly came to play in this one, throwing a combined shutout on the mound after an impressive start from Alex Cobb. More importantly, they would come away with a 2-0 victory to snap a four-game losing streak.

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