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Sonny Gray and the Minnesota Twins were drenched in champagne and beer as they celebrated their way to the American League Division Series.

There was one pivotal moment in Game 2 of the AL Wild-Card Game against the Toronto Blue Jays where starting pitcher Gray picked off Vladimir Guerrero Jr. in a stellar move.

Just watch:

Absolutely insane.

Shortstop Carlos Correa came up from behind second base after giving the signal to catcher Ryan Jeffers to try and pick off Guerrero.

The Blue Jays challenged the tag, but the call was upheld in the eventual, 2-0, win for the Twins.

Here’s how the world reacted:


Want to see the play in 3D? Sure you do.

After the game, Gray said it was something the team had been working on since Spring Training.

“I know it can be cliché to say you do this in Spring Training, blah, blah, blah, but it is something that we started in Spring Training,” Gray told the media after the game.

“We’ve done it throughout the course of the season. We actually picked someone off like that in the middle of the season at some point. We worked on it last week before coming into the postseason.”

“And Carlos comes up after the first inning — there was traffic on the bases throughout the game. He comes up after the first inning and he says, hey, listen, listen, listen to me, they can’t hear the third base coach yell ‘back.’ There’s going to be an option to pick. He’s like the timing pick is going to be there. It’s going to be there.”

The timing was perfection.

“For him to have that awareness is what makes him special,” Gray said.

Correa said the crowd played a factor, too. All 38,518 in attendance.

“Big impact. Talked to Sonny earlier in the game,” Correa said. “I told him there were some free outs on the bases. He was, like, what do you mean? I’m, like, they’re taking big leads; if you look at me I’ll give you a sign; in key spots, we can get some outs there.”

Correa said he gave the sign to catcher Ryan Jeffers since he had PitchCom. Jeffers then gave Gray the nod.

“I try to be quiet going to second base so they wouldn’t hear me, and then the timing play worked out perfect,” Correa said.

Perfect indeed.

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