Yuli Gurriel helmet tip to Yu Darvish

The Yuli Gurriel-Yu Darvish saga continues, but at least it concludes with a happy ending. While stepping in for his first at-bat in Game 7, Gurriel tipped his helmet to Darvish in an apologetic gesture toward the pitcher he mocked with a racial gesture during Game 3 in Houston.

Here’s another look at the moment:

The Astros rocked Darvish in Game 3 for four runs in 1 2/3 innings. The first of those runs came on a Gurriel bomb to left field. When Gurriel returned to the dugout after his trot, he made a slant-eye gesture and appeared to use the world “chinito,” which is Spanish for “Chinese boy,” to describe Darvish, who is half-Japanese and half-Iranian.

Although Gurriel’s gesture was, at best, ignorant and at worst downright racist, Los Angeles Times beat writer Dylan Hernandez added some valuable nuance to the discussion. Some people wanted Gurriel suspended for a World Series game — instead he’ll miss five games next season. Darvish maturely shrugged off the controversy, saying the incident should be used as a teachable moment.

Dodgers fans have booed Gurriel every at-bat since the series returned to L.A., and pitcher Rich Hill made a “silent gesture” by stepping off the mound during one at-bat in Game 6 to let the crowd boo Gurriel for longer.

No matter what you think of his original gesture, it’s great to see Gurriel continue to respond with respect and genuinely take the situation as an opportunity for education. For the record, he flied out to right field to end the first inning, but Darvish was bounced after 1 2/3 innings having allowed five runs.

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