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Zack Hample has developed a reputation for being a baseball collector who attends many Major League Baseball games to get as many home runs and foul balls as he can. Doing so has also made him extremely unlikable to many baseball fans, who find an adult fighting with children for baseballs rather unsavory and loathsome. That was the thinking of many baseball fans when they watched a video of Hample at Coors Field arguing with ushers over where he is allowed to be.

Hample recently posted two videos from a Colorado Rockies game in which he berates Coors Field ushers and security for enforcing their rules about where ticketed fans are allowed to be. Hample had attempted to enter a prohibited section to chase a home run ball and didn’t like the answer he received from the staff.

“All right, it’s a home run ball, I’m gonna go for a home run ball,” Hample says to the usher.

“No, you’re not! I don’t care,” the usher replied.

“Come on, don’t be that strict, Hample says. “That’s ridiculous. Telling me I can’t move 10 feet for a home run is ridiculous. Stop enforcing BS rules that you make up on the spot. It’s a home run ball, people can try to catch a home run.”

The usher then explains that his ticket does not allow him to enter that section.

Later on, Hample accuses a large group of security guards of ruining his experience as a baseball fan by telling him he has to remain in his seat.

“I’ll stay in my seat, but I want you guys to know how lousy the fan experience is here,” Hample said. “This really stinks, I have to say. Really, really, really stinks. You guys don’t know how to treat people. It’s not good. Big L. You guys get an F on the fan experience.”

Not too many people had sympathy for Hample, who has been accused of ruining the fan experience for many other baseball fans, including children, as part of his quest to attain baseballs. And the reactions to the videos on Twitter certainly didn’t hold back.

Sorry about your fan experience, Zack. We’re all broken up about it.

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