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Your MMA Picture of the Week

Let’s start off the MMA Ten with a bang. Last weekend at Victory Fighting Championship 50, Jessica Middleton smacked Julie Murray so hard she turned her face into an amalgam of the Scream mask and Jim Carrey. Can your punch do that?

Jessica Middleton punches Julie Murray
(Photo: Keith Mills/


Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Might Actually Happen

Conor McGregor may or may not have an upcoming fight with boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. The talk just won’t die down, and McGregor went and sparred six rounds with former IBF and IBO champion boxer Chris Van Heerden. Journalist Elie Seckbach caught up with Van Heerden to ask about McGregor’s prospects in beating the boxing champ. According to Van Heerden, McGregor will not beat Mayweather and won’t even hit him once.

“There’s no way in this lifetime that Conor McGregor beats Floyd in a boxing match. No way. Can Conor land a punch? Yes, he can. But not on Floyd. Not on Floyd.”

Van Heerden also told Seckbach that while McGregor is a good fighter with the 4 oz. MMA gloves, none of the UFC champ’s punches with 16 oz. boxing gloves hurt. “I wasn’t fazed at all,” Van Heerden said.

McGregor caught wind of what people are saying about his chances with Floyd, and apparently he isn’t fond of your dirty mouth.


Tito Ortiz: Trumpkin

Tito Ortiz, Donald Trump fan

Tito Ortiz is a big Donald Trump fan. He recently attended a Trump rally, joined a “Build that wall” chant and even brought an anti-Hillary sign. Ortiz was fired by Trump on season seven of “Celebrity Apprentice,” but still wants him as POTUS.

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